The Benchmark Tool

Regulatory pressure in global financial services: how your company compares

SunGard’s research into the regulatory stresses being experienced by the global financial services industry identifies a range of pressure points and varying degrees of readiness for change. But how does the experience and position of your organization compare to others? This benchmarking tool will help you find out.

Complete the audit on the following pages in order to assess the degree of stress your organization is feeling and its state of readiness for the changes that lie ahead. Then compare the results by industry, geography and organization. You can also download a copy of our full report on regulatory stress in financial services.

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What are your organization's global assets in US dollars?

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In which subsector of financial services does your organization operate?

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Which of the following issues are most pressing for your organization
as it looks ahead to the next two years?

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What degree of pressure, or stress, is your business currently facing due to regulatory change, and how high do you expect that to be in two years' time?

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Moderate stress
Limited or no stress
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How would you rate the readiness of your business for the regulatory changes it must
confront over the next two years, both overall and in each of the following related elements?

Rate each from 1 to 3, where 1 = High readiness, 2 = Moderate readiness, 3 = Limited or no readiness.
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How do you expect the following aspects of your business to change over the next two years,
specifically in relation to changing regulatory demands faced?

Rate each from 1 to 5, where1 = Increasing significantly (more than 10%)
2 = Increasing somewhat (up to 10%)
3 = No change
4 = Decreasing somewhat (up to 10%)
5 = Decreasing significantly (more than 10%)
2 No
4 Decreasing
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